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Topaz Labs ReMask 3 plug-in for Photoshop

Reviewer: Bruce M. Herman, AAUG member Product: Topaz Plug-in Bundle: ReMask 3 Company: Topaz Labs Contact: www.topazlabs.comPrice: $69.99 purchased alone, $199.99 with the Topaz Plug-in bundle Pros: Easy masking of simple shapes with fuzzy edges, such as a person with hair Cons: Does not work well on large, complex items such as trees with extensive […]

MarsEdit 2

Product Review Product: Mars Edit 2 Company: Red Sweater Software Contact: Price: $29.95 Pros: Simple user interface, direct connection to all major blogging systems Cons: no direct integration with iLife media browser Product Rating: 4/5 Impressive! by Ronald Schoedel, AAUG Member Everything I know about the actual act of blogging, I’ve learned since I […]

iLife 08 Review

Product Review Product: iLife ’08 Company: Apple Contact: Apple iLife Price: $79.00 Pros: iMovie redesigned for the better, all apps tweaked and improved Cons: higher end computer needed for iMovie Product Rating Excellent by Rob LeFebvre, AAUG Member iLife 08 contains iMovie, GarageBand, iPhoto, iWeb and iDVD. For the most part, iDVD, iWeb and iPhoto […]