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Sunny, iOS App – Imagine you can sleep, relax, work and meditate at the beach. Would you do it?

Review by: Gary Miller, AAUG Member App:  Sunny Developer: Price in iTunes App Store: $2.99 – Pro:  incredibly relaxing for quiet time, meditation, graphics are parallax & 3D sound to soothe Con:  none Product Rating: 5/5 Excellent Conflict of Interest:  a free copy of the app was provided for the review   When I’m […]

Shufflepuck Cantina

Reviewed by:  Zachary Zaletel, Alaskan Apple User Group Member Product: Shufflepuck Cantina on the App Store on iTunes or via Steam Company: Agharta Studio Company Website: Price: $9.95 PRO:  Everything you remember from Shufflepuck Cafe… without the regret. CON:  Perhaps a few too many mini-quests and locked achievements? Moose Rating: 4 Conflict of interest: Agharta […]

The Beer Up Here App review

App Review App: The Beer Up Here Company: Pour Me Alaska LLC web: Contact: Photo Blog: Price: $4.99 in App Store; Pros: easy, quick, accurate way to view/find a any beer in Alaska Cons: none Product Rating: 5/5 Impressive! by Gary Miller, Alaskan Apple Users Group Member Conflict of interest: The Beer […]