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Free Online Lightroom 4 Fundamentals – March 29 – 31

This might be of interest for those of you out there who are feeling thrifty (who isn’?) and have picked up the fourth, and latest edition of Adobe Lightroom.  From the CreativeLive course description – “In this three day workshop, learn the fundamentals of Lightroom 4, concentrating on the Library, Map and Develop modules where […]

Topaz Labs ReMask 3 plug-in for Photoshop

Reviewer: Bruce M. Herman, AAUG member Product: Topaz Plug-in Bundle: ReMask 3 Company: Topaz Labs Contact: www.topazlabs.comPrice: $69.99 purchased alone, $199.99 with the Topaz Plug-in bundle Pros: Easy masking of simple shapes with fuzzy edges, such as a person with hair Cons: Does not work well on large, complex items such as trees with extensive […]