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Notability… App for Mac, iOS – iPhone & iPad..

Review: Notability

Company: GingerLabs
Available in the Apple App Store for : iphone, Ipad, and Mac
Price: $9.99 for iOS and $9.99 for Mac
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewer: Gary Miller, AAUG Member

Received Apple’s Editor award and App of the Year, and best selling paid productivity app for many years

Disclaimer: Ginger Labs furnished a free copy of ios and Mac versions for this review

This is a very easy to use, fun App, and even makes me more creative each time I use it.  I bought a new iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil, and had been using it with Apple’s notes app that comes with the iPad, but I started hearing about better, fuller featured app’s.  And Notability was at the top of the list.  

Here are a few ways I’ve used Notability so far:  in a meeting, I use my Apple Pencil to handwrite, yes handwrite notes, and the app also is recording each stroke of the pencil, so when I’m done, I can go back and see if I’ve missed anything that was said, cool!  I like how I can type notes, handwrite notes. Organize them by subject and search for them,  export them as pdf. And just play around, it’s easy.  

So you might wonder how did I learn to use all the features?  Well, I read the available help files in all of it’s device/Mac Apps, that show examples.  I also talked with the company, and they will be releasing short videos showing features in action!  It’s really easy to use.  

Did I mention you can sync your notes with your iCloud account.  Sooo helpful.  So I can go from device to another to my Mac.  

I love it.  use it, and recommend it.  The company is easy to get help/assistance from &  they update to add features/fix things.  Get it! 

Review: Chimani Perks for Chimani National Parks App

Review by Gary Miller, AAUG Member

When I think summer, I think national parks, and when I want information to plan, and accompany me when enjoying them, I turn to National Parks App by Chimani, available in Apple’s App Store or Google Play

Chimani has been around for years, first I had to purchase individual apps for each park, then they made them all in one, and users can download updates effortlessly.  Now the Perks program adds a membership program that gives discounts when we plan our trips in the parks.  It’s $29 a year.  The Chimani Perks  Membership Savings Club offers discounts on lodging, dining, tours, activities, retail shops, and gear throughout the national park system. It can save up to $200 on a park visit.  I see it growing and offering add’l offers in more and more parks.  Chimani gave me a free membership so I could try out.  I was in Tucson, AZ when I got it, and looked at nearby Saguaro National Park, there were no deals there.  So I’d see where the perks are as you plan your trips…

Toolbox for Pages & Keynote… iOS for your iPhone & iPad

Reviewed by Gary Miller, AAUG Member

Toolbox for Pages & Toolbox for Keynote, both iOS.

by Jumsoft, $19.99 for the bundles, or by piece in the iTunes Store.  I wrote a review recently posted here about Jumsoft’s Toolbox for iWork, how much  I enjoyed their templates and illustrations that I could now use in Pages and Keynote.  But then I wondered what using them on my iPhone and iPad, and yes, they make their cool templates and illustrations for iOS!  yeah.

Easy is a word I think of when using them for clip art, templates for business cards, posters, well, it’s endless, and yes, you can combine them, so all I had to do was edit the text or move it or whatever do a project, super easy.  You can save the new templates you’ve customized too for using again.  You can download free sample templates to try out ,and purchase a bundle or individual ones.  It’s up the user.  The basic App is free.  Sets are – Inspiration, Business Mix, Corporate, Infographics, and they all are easily searchable to find what you want.

I’d recommend this iOS version by Jumsoft so when you have your iPhone or iPad, you can continue with you were working on your Mac or visa versa!


Requires iOS 9.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch