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AAUG holds membership meetings from 6:45 to 8:45 PM on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at the BP Energy Center, located behind the BP tower at the corner of the New Seward Highway and Benson Boulevard in Anchorage. Our goal in each meeting is to provide the latest information to the AAUG membership so they can make the most of their Macs and other Apple products. AAUG caters to both basic and power users, with the first hour dedicated to basic applications and the second hour to the more complex features of the Mac. Refreshments are provided at each meeting.


Our future meeting dates are:


September 12  –  (1st floor, Birch Room)

October 10  –  (1st floor, Birch Room)

November 14  –  (1st floor, Birch Room)

December 12  –  (1st floor, Birch Room)



January 9  –  Annual board elections – (2nd floor, Fir/Spruce/Willow Room)

February 13  –  Annual board elections – (2nd floor, Fir/Spruce/Willow Room)

March 13  –  (2nd floor, Fir/Spruce/Willow Room)

April 10  –  (1st floor, Birch Room)

May 8  –  (1st floor, Birch Room)


Presentations are the very center of our meetings. We usually have guest speakers but we often rely on AAUG members to do presentations on Mac-related topics such as software reviews and tutorials on how to do various tricks on the Mac.

If you are interested in doing a presentation, email Jon Scudder, President, or click here for Presenter Guidelines, PDF.