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Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2017

Each year, my favorite travel publisher – Lonely Planet comes out with a new book about what’s hot and where to go/experience whatever tops your interests. And for 2017, it’s another stellar year for us, and armchair adventurers, for the books, in case you haven’t read one, are chock full of ideas, and little known […]

It’s Fall and new travel books are out…

It’s Fall and traveling comes alive. I booked a trip to New York City, and then wondered what had changed, was new, and what I’d like to do, for I’d not have a lifetime to explore. So I looked at a favorite publisher, Lonely Planet for what they offered, and took 2 books with me: […]

New from Lonely Planet Publishers…

New from Lonely Planet Publishers… As we think about travel, I always thing about what new books and periodicals are out to inspire, intrigue, and get me packing. Lonely Planet has some new titles that I like and will share here… Lonely Planet Magazine is new, packed with color photos, articles are travel around the […]