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Outline+ for iPad

Product Review Reviewer: Ronald Schoedel Product: Outline+ for iPad Company: Gorillized Corp. Contact: help.outline.ws Web outline.ws Price: $14.99 Pros: Excellent for note-taking, great text formatting options, unbelievable One Note syncing, beautiful, expands usefulness of iPad in professional contexts, support for highlighting and drawing in most recent update Cons: Undoing highlights not supported, unable to change […]

WTHR – A Simpler, More Beautiful Weather App

Product Review Review by: Gary Miller, Alaskan Apple Users Group Member App: WTHR – A Simpler, More Beautiful Weather App App Creator: David Elgena: WTHRwebsite Web: http://wthr.co/ Contact: david@davidelgena.com Price: $.99 Pros: clean design, easy to update, show’s week’s worth of weather, F or C display Cons: none Product Rating: 4/5 Impressive! by Gary Miller, […]

Ian Shive Photography iPad App

Product Review Reviewer: Gary Miller, Member of Alaskan Apple Users Group Product: Ian Shive Photography iPad App Company: Ian Shive Contact: http://dailyinteractive.com/worldWeb: http://ianshive.wordpress.com/ Price: $3.99 through iTunes store Pros: excellent App for all levels of photography, well organized, tips/techniques, fabulous images and in-depth field guide Cons: none Product Rating: 5/5 Impressive Conflict of interest disclosure: […]