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Benefits of Membership

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The Alaskan Apple Users Group is an all-volunteer, non-profit, educational organization. Fellow Macintosh enthusiasts gladly share their knowledge and experience to help you learn and advance your computer skills.

We’d like to introduce you to some of the benefits of being a member of AAUG.

  • Lending Library: Each year we review and update the contents of our lending library, bringing it up to date with a rich array of self-paced CD/DVD and books on the Yosemite Operating System, Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite and Acrobat, even one for “switchers” from windows, plus many more training discs for enhancing Apple product (including the iPhone and iPad) user skills. All of this material is available to members to check out for a month at a time at no cost.
  • Membership Meetings: Held on the 2nd Wednesday of every month at the BP Energy Center, 900 E Benson, next to the BP bldg in Anchorage;  they are filled with demonstrations of software and peripherals for Macs, a Question Answer period for you to bring your Mac-related questions and problems, and share the very latest Apple information. A new feature “Oh, So That’s How It Is Done” introduces us to various things we can do with our Macs and explores some of the features that came with our Macs.
  • Wireless Internet at Meetings
  • Auctions: Many of the vendors who furnish review items also give us a second copy to auction at our Membership Meetings. All members are able to bid on these products, often acquiring them at a fraction of their retail value.
  • Website: AAUG’s award-winning website is a vital source of information for members. It is frequently updated with the latest news, reviews, calendar events and meeting information.
  • AAUG Facebook page: here we post daily tips, have discussions, and interactions, click here AAUG Facebook Page