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Review: TechToolPro v 9.6

Software: Tech Tool Pro v 9.6 Company: Micromat Cost: $99.99,  upgrade pricing is available Rating: 4.5 out of 5.  Reviewed by: Gary Miller Micromat gave me a copy of the software for this review In the old days, Apple sent along a copy of Tech Tool Pro as a CD with every Mac, and I […]

New cool Travel App – Trips from Lonely Planet

For the past few weeks, Trips, a very cool new travel App on iOS has pleasurably occupied my time.  Thanks to Lonely Planet! I’m a lover of photography and using Instagram always visually keeps me happy, but my love of wanderlust, awaited Trips.  As most know, Lonely Planet crafts guide books that are made for […]

Review: Chimani Perks for Chimani National Parks App

Review by Gary Miller, AAUG Member When I think summer, I think national parks, and when I want information to plan, and accompany me when enjoying them, I turn to National Parks App by Chimani, available in Apple’s App Store or Google Play Chimani has been around for years, first I had to purchase individual […]