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iPhone, the Missing Manual, 10th edition by David Pogue, book report

by Gary Miller, AAUG Member I love my new iPhone, but don’t love not getting a complete manual, so I get the most from it, so when I saw David Pogue authored a new edition of his book that covers the latest in iOS 10, and iPhone 7 and iPhone 7+, I wanted it, has […]

Mac OS Sierra, The Missing Manual by David Pogue book review

David Pogue’s Missing Manual’s series from O’Reilly Media, truly saves having to hire a consultant or call Apple every time I have a question about Apple’s latest Operating System.  It’s 879 pages of information, organized into 6 parts – #1 covers the desktop and it’s environs, #2 covers programs on the Mac, # 3 the […]

Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2017

Each year, my favorite travel publisher – Lonely Planet comes out with a new book about what’s hot and where to go/experience whatever tops your interests. And for 2017, it’s another stellar year for us, and armchair adventurers, for the books, in case you haven’t read one, are chock full of ideas, and little known […]