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A short, weekly podcast featuring Apple hardware and software tips, with product reviews and my recommendation of great applications. None of the fluff, just what you need to work smarter, not harder. Invest 10 minutes to learn more about Apple and the tech that supports it. Hosted by Alaskan resident, Jon Scudder, an Apple enthusiast and member of the Alaskan Apple Users Group. For inquiries, please contact Mac Minutes Studio, P.O. Box 1465, Girdwood, AK 99587, or

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Episode 17, Mac Minute’s 10 Tips for the Apple Watch, overview of the Activity App

Episode 17, Mac Minute’s 10 Tips for the Apple Watch, overview of the Activity App will giving you a series of giving you 10 tips in less than 10 minutes and will follow up in an upcoming episode with macOS.  We will finish the podcast with a look at how to briefly use the Apple Watch Activity application.

The 10 tips are: 1. Ping your lost iPhone; 2. Taking Apple Watch Screenshots; 3. Application Grid or List view; 4. SOS feature; 5. Sharing Fitness Data; 6. Personalized Message Responses; 7. Clearing Apple Watch Notifications; 8. Silencing your Apple Watch; 9. Selecting Grid or List Application Views; and 10. Transferring Apple Watch incoming calls to your iPhone

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Activity info from pressing on the Activity Ring watch face

Screen showing Application Grid View versus List View

Emergency notification screen by pressing the bottom button

Apple Watch Series 4, Infograph watch face with Activity RingAudio Player

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