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Review: Notability

Company: GingerLabs
Available in the Apple App Store for : iphone, Ipad, and Mac
Price: $9.99 for iOS and $9.99 for Mac
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewer: Gary Miller, AAUG Member

Received Apple’s Editor award and App of the Year, and best selling paid productivity app for many years

Disclaimer: Ginger Labs furnished a free copy of ios and Mac versions for this review

This is a very easy to use, fun App, and even makes me more creative each time I use it.  I bought a new iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil, and had been using it with Apple’s notes app that comes with the iPad, but I started hearing about better, fuller featured app’s.  And Notability was at the top of the list.  

Here are a few ways I’ve used Notability so far:  in a meeting, I use my Apple Pencil to handwrite, yes handwrite notes, and the app also is recording each stroke of the pencil, so when I’m done, I can go back and see if I’ve missed anything that was said, cool!  I like how I can type notes, handwrite notes. Organize them by subject and search for them,  export them as pdf. And just play around, it’s easy.  

So you might wonder how did I learn to use all the features?  Well, I read the available help files in all of it’s device/Mac Apps, that show examples.  I also talked with the company, and they will be releasing short videos showing features in action!  It’s really easy to use.  

Did I mention you can sync your notes with your iCloud account.  Sooo helpful.  So I can go from device to another to my Mac.  

I love it.  use it, and recommend it.  The company is easy to get help/assistance from &  they update to add features/fix things.  Get it! 

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