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Review: TechToolPro v 9.6

Software: Tech Tool Pro v 9.6
Company: Micromat
Cost: $99.99,  upgrade pricing is available
Rating: 4.5 out of 5.  Reviewed by: Gary Miller
Micromat gave me a copy of the software for this review

In the old days, Apple sent along a copy of Tech Tool Pro as a CD with every Mac, and I used it, but that stopped with the days of download only. But Micromat, maker of Tech Tool Pro, has kept up to date with Apple’s OS, and this version, 9.6 works great with Apple’s High Sierra on my MacBook Pro… and this version works great with my SSD ( solid state drive).

As a general user, I wanted a utility that would scan my computer, and tell me if something was wrong, and help me fix it. Well, TechTool Pro is my kind of product…. Here’s what all it does:

I asked it to run a check of the computer, and RAM. It found I was A OK, but if it had found issues with the drive, it would have fixed it and optimized data directories. Since I had no issues, I called Tech Support, they answered quickly and were helpful. The tech suggested I create an eDrive for a start up partition, so no rebooting..

The App is easy to understand, big dials. And it runs in the background so you can continue doing other activities. The only feature I’d liked to see was a video showing it working, and what to expect. The Help/manual is included in the pull down menu. It’s thorough.

System Requirements:
? Intel-based Macs
? OS X 10.8 up to macOS 10.13 ‘High Sierra’
? 1 GB RAM or higher

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