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New cool Travel App – Trips from Lonely Planet

For the past few weeks, Trips, a very cool new travel App on iOS has pleasurably occupied my time.  Thanks to Lonely Planet!

I’m a lover of photography and using Instagram always visually keeps me happy, but my love of wanderlust, awaited Trips.  As most know, Lonely Planet crafts guide books that are made for all types of travelers, and this new app talks to us and with us, thru it’s skilled travel writers, so when I search for a destination with Trips, it brings not only the experts ideas and photos, but also my fellow travelers who have uploaded their trips, photos, ideas, and that really works.

I listened to an interview with CEO of Lonely Planet – Daniel Hougton,  talk about Trips incubation, about his start at age 24 heading the company, and it was clear he was interested it created community, I love that.  Social media invites us to be part of things unfolding, and Trips works well.  Last year Google joined with Lonely Planet for Google Home, so when you ask travel questions, it’s Lonely Planet responses,  excellent.  Go Pro has a relationship with them too, as does 23 and me, the DNA company…Smart folks at Lonely Planet.

The app Trips is free, available for iOS now in the Apple iTunes Store, and will be available for Android by the end of the year.

P.S.  Want another free, cool app, then download Guides from Lonely Planet, I use it all the time,  perfect for travel, knowing what to see in a city, be in Seattle or Auckland, always being updated too.

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