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Toolbox for Pages & Keynote… iOS for your iPhone & iPad

Reviewed by Gary Miller, AAUG Member

Toolbox for Pages & Toolbox for Keynote, both iOS.

by Jumsoft, $19.99 for the bundles, or by piece in the iTunes Store.  I wrote a review recently posted here about Jumsoft’s Toolbox for iWork, how much  I enjoyed their templates and illustrations that I could now use in Pages and Keynote.  But then I wondered what using them on my iPhone and iPad, and yes, they make their cool templates and illustrations for iOS!  yeah.

Easy is a word I think of when using them for clip art, templates for business cards, posters, well, it’s endless, and yes, you can combine them, so all I had to do was edit the text or move it or whatever do a project, super easy.  You can save the new templates you’ve customized too for using again.  You can download free sample templates to try out ,and purchase a bundle or individual ones.  It’s up the user.  The basic App is free.  Sets are – Inspiration, Business Mix, Corporate, Infographics, and they all are easily searchable to find what you want.

I’d recommend this iOS version by Jumsoft so when you have your iPhone or iPad, you can continue with you were working on your Mac or visa versa!


Requires iOS 9.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

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