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Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2017

Each year, my favorite travel publisher – Lonely Planet comes out with a new book about what’s hot and where to go/experience whatever tops your interests. And for 2017, it’s another stellar year for us, and armchair adventurers, for the books, in case you haven’t read one, are chock full of ideas, and little known spots and tastes. I like that. And it’s a cast of authors who travel to parts unknown and known, so it’s voice is a collaboration, that is best in my eyes.

Top 10 Countries
1 Canada – Turning 150  in 2017 and making no apologies for it
2 Colombia – South America’s ultimate comeback kid
3 Finland – Get ready for parties to celebrate 100 years of independence
4 Dominica – The Caribbean’s ‘Nature Island’ opens its doors next year with first resorts
5 Nepal – Witness its road to recovery from the devastating 2015 earthquakes
6 Bermuda – Eyes will be on this quietly elegant island for the 2017 America’s Cup
7 Mongolia – Both the rapidly growing capital and nomadic culture are living strong
8 Oman – Epic sights for such a small nation, and there’s never been a better time to go
9 Myanmar – Continues to open up to the outside world with political change
10 Ethiopia – Step back in time in a land of ancient mystery and dramatic mountain

Top 10 Regions
1 Choquequirao, Peru – Get to Machu Picchu’s sister site before the crowds
2 Taranaki, NZ – This out-of-the-way spot opens new art gallery and outdoor adventure
3 The Azores – Portugal’s nine volcanic islands ready to be the hotter (and cheaper) Iceland
4 North Wales, UK – Emerging from industrial past as adventure capital, from surf to ziplines
5 South Australia – The hottest state on the driest continent on Earth is set to sizzle in ’17
6 Aysen, Chile – Patagonia’s last frontier has a budding beer scene and new national parks
7 The Tuamotus, French Polynesia – Tropical paradise with colorful coral and scenic islets
8 Coastal Georgia, USA –  The overlooked jewel of the South has wild islands and charm
9 Perak, Malaysia – Ipoh’s urban renaissance open new doors for this underexplored area
10 The Skellig Ring, Ireland – The Star Wars star has a narrative of its own
There are also lists for Best Value destinations, and top 10 cities, each with photos, descriptions, and why it was chosen. I like the way the book can be held in your hands easily or taken with you on your trips too. Photography is excellent, and links to find additional information too.

It’s 208 pages, full color, and paperback. It’s $10.49 in the Lonely Planet online store or less for the eBook version, or there’s a bundle if you want both.
I think it’s a good book!  Get it!

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