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It’s Fall and new travel books are out…

It’s Fall and traveling comes alive. I booked a trip to New York City, and then wondered what had changed, was new, and what I’d like to do, for I’d not have a lifetime to explore. So I looked at a favorite publisher, Lonely Planet for what they offered, and took 2 books with me: “New York City with pull out map, local secrets, and Top Sights in Detail, published August 2016 – $21.99,” and Discover New York City, top sights, Authentic Experiences,” published September 2016 – $21.99, if you go to Lonely Planet’s shop on their website, they offer good prices too, it’s

Each of these books offered different approaches, on the one hand was New York City that offered it’s ‘top sights in-depth coverage for the very best sights, I agree, it zero’d in on where to go, and how much time to allow, depending on what I wanted to do/experience. That really helped. Especially, if something had changed, like the Museum of Modern Art, that was totally remodeled since I’d been there before, and now offered 3 choices for meals ( I chose middle range Terrace 5 which was excellent in food quality and service with view of the city), the guide helped me save time, and pointed out about downloading the App’s for locations ahead of time. I liked having New York also by month, so depending on the seasons, I would be ready. and it covered kids too. helpful. and what’s for free, rare in a big city. Good book.
The 2nd, Discover New York, was more visual, more helpful in general planning, like showing the Top Festivals ahead, from Tribeca Film Festival, Cherry Blossom ( I didn’t know NY had one), Village Halloween Parade ( we went a few years ago, and it was most fun ever). The book goes month by month. It’s next area is Top Experiences, say Central Park, always great, it has a map, and goes into the different areas of the park, what to expect, really helped me narrow down. It has Shopping on Fifth Avenue, which was something to behold, store windows that competed with others, /barkers outside sometimes, So I read and used both. Each assisted my travel planning.
Travel With Dogs, is a new book, August 2016 – $11.99, that is a carry with you pocket size, and really covers and offers tips for owners and helping owners learn about their trusted friends. I felt like I was with a veterinarian and dog psychologist as I read. great insights.

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