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Snagit v4 for Mac review


Software: Snagit version 4
Developer: TechSmith
Web: TechSmith
Price: $49.95 with free trial software available!
moosePros: excellent resource for making video and screen capture plus so much more…
Cons: none
Rating:  Moose…5/5 Excellent!

by Gary Miller, Alaskan Apple Users Group Member

Conflict of interest disclosure: TechSmith provided a free copy of Snagit v4  for the purposes of the review.

You know when you have your ways of accomplishing a task, you get set in them, and then along comes a newer, better, easier way of doing it, and you smile…. TechSmith’s new version 4 of Snagit, is that golden egg.

Many of us use basic screen capture, you know, cmd-shift 3 or 4, but it’s only a start to making it really buzz like Snagit can and does like screen recording, making animated gif’s, panoramic screen capture that automatically stitches together…  So you see this is a premium product at a fair price.  I liked the ease of collaborating with others, since I could mark it up, put arrows, on either screen capture or video, and turn it around pronto.  I loved being able to scroll down a website that goes below my screen and capture what i wanted, can’t do that before, just be frustrated without Snagit.  Now we can!

Did I mention the tool bar and how easy it is to drag/drop tools you use the most, how easy it is to save to drop box or other cloud services.  The editing tools are easy to understand and grasp, and TechSmith has training videos for all the processes you’ll use, so you won’t forget a step or be inspired by a new way of doing work flow.  And to ease your sending images to Snagit, you can use Fuse, a free companion product for your iPhone or Android phone to import images you’ve taken on your phone.  Great tool I enjoy using.

I worked with their tech support ( you can too), and learned much.  Like recording a video, and trimming it, using it to send along with comments to someone you are working on a project with.   Get it, you’ll really like it and use it!

You can try out Snagit new version 4 for 15 days free too.  or buy it for $49.95.

Existing users of older Snagit will love the NEW features in V 4:

*new Editor
*new capture window
*new stamps and callouts
*video capture with Webcam
*animated GIF
*panoramic image capture

Mac OS X System Requirements
10.10 (Yosemite), or higher


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