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New from Lonely Planet Publishers…

New from Lonely Planet Publishers…

As we think about travel, I always thing about what new books and periodicals are out to inspire, intrigue, and get me packing. Lonely Planet has some new titles that I like and will share here…

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Lonely Planet Magazine is new, packed with color photos, articles are travel around the world, and fun to read, down to earth too. The Spring issue covers the 25 Best Places to visit in America right now, Sicily, Laos, Iceland, and Argentina, plus more. They are running a subscription special of $8 a year on their site:

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National Parks of America is a large format new book that really is a treat to enjoy; it covers our 59 national parks in detail, offers itineraries, and beautiful illustrations/photos. I liked the hiking trails, wildlife guides, and best times to visit! it was published in April 2016 and is $29.99

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Ultimate Travel Coloring Book: The 100 Best Places on the Planet…. to Color… it’s so much fun, and a new way to make sights and destinations. What a way to bring travel to life… Great idea. From the Grand Canyon to The Great Barrier Reef to… you get the idea. it’s $14.99


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Lonely Planet’s Toilets: a Spotter’s Guide is both fun and interesting… it has over 100 of the best, from around the world, architectural to whimsy, and all in-between. You’ll be amazed. As I read thru it, I kept getting up and wanting to show others, entertaining. only $ 11.99

You can find all of these at the Lonely Planet shop or the usual book sellers.

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