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New books from LonelyPlanet! Just in time for the holidays…

10174-Lonely_Planet_s_Best_in_Travel_2016_LargeAs I ponder where to travel the coming year, I always refer to Lonely Planet’s annual book out called Best in Travel 2016, this year’s Best lists are great, such as Top 10 Countries with Botswana leading or Top 10 Regions… Transylvania, Romania, yes. Top 10 Cities: Quito, Ecuador… Best Value Destinations, I love these – Estonia and New Mexico…. And have you heard of the new magazine out? Lonely Planet Magazine, in color, articles are interesting and I wanted to book trips…

Better Than Fiction 2: True adventures from 30 great fiction writers is a treat, I open it and zoom off on an adventure, it’s a ‘literary anthology’ and well done, last version was 2012, and highly praised, get it.

Like coffee table books, that get you and your friends talking about where to next, then get the new Ultimate Travel, over 500 of the best places to see… ranked. loved the photos, insights, and reasoning about where to go…

Wine Trails, is a new about spending weekends in wine country, and it gives us a complete year of them, how fun! and we are talking from Burgundy to Willamette Valley and all in between, fabulous photos, ideas, and ways to savor….

Wild World is Lonely Planet’s new coffee table sized book that made me just sit there and be amazed at our natural wonders on every continent of the world, we are so fortunate to live and enjoy.

So there you have a few of the many interesting books available from Lonely Planet, and yes, deals, they have ’em. 3 for the price of 2, free shipping over $40 for your order, and they have them in pdf, eBooks, paperback, and hardcover, or just chapters in their travel books. have a look here: http://www.lonelyplanet.com

Happy reading!

Gary Miller
AAUG member

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