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Lonely Planet KIDS books!


Lonely Planet just released a group of fabulous kids books that I recommend for the holidays or anytime.

First up is How to be a Space Explorer, by Mark Brake.  Full of carefully crafted questions that we all kids ask, with well thought out answers.  I enjoyed reading a chapter on Extreme Space, learning tourism in space, a gear checklist, and the most important who gets to go.  well done indeed.  160 pages that is marvelously illustrated in full color and hardbound, it’s only $ 17.99, and if you buy a few from the Lonely Planet web store you get an even better deal.

The Adventure Series:  Adventures in Cold Places, Adventures in Busy Places, and Adventures in Wild Places… Each comes with over 250 stickers to use as you read through this richly illustrated series of books.  They are large format books, so easy to read to someone or by oneself,  only $9.99 each, with 50 pages of fun.  In the Wild Places book, I loved learning about South Africa, Australia, USA and more of the world.  It brought it alive as I read and used the stickers to give that tactile feel.  Well done.

Last up was the Amazing World Atlas, bringing the whole world to life.  and it has an app for your smart phone that extends the print edition too.  Questions that inspire, sometimes quirky, are there to really put a smile on your face…  160 pages and it’s $ 20.  The Maps area shows the diversity and breadth out there, the European top 10 explores foods ( Hungarian goulash ) or The Parthenon in Athens or White Storks, you get the idea…  Asia begins with a quote from Laozi, ” A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”  Talks about culture, geography and illustrations are rich and fun.

All of these books involve learning, fun, and kids, but as an adult, I enjoyed them too.  I remember as a kid, reading the World Book, simpler than the Brittanica, and really got right through to the topic.  These books are great for talking to kids and parents.



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