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Thunderspace 2.0: Immerse yourself in a thunderstorm – App Review

App: Thunderspace 2.0
mzl.ctzaqosgCompany: TaptaniumContact:

Price: $1.99 in App Store;

Pros: incredible thunderstorm that lulls one to total relaxation, sync’d with smartphone flash for lightening
Cons: none
Product Rating: 5/5 Excellent

by Gary Miller, Alaskan Apple Users Group Member

Conflict of interest: Taptanium supplied me with a copy of this software app for the purpose of this review

In a word…amazing is how Thunderspace works on me. I like most people love nature’s effect of thunder, and rain, and how easily it relaxes and soothes, well this very cool app does it even better than being outside and getting wet, it downloads to your smart phone ( i’m using a iPhone 5s), hook up my headphones, using both iPhone buds and Sony over the ear models and boy, it’s amazing, there’s that word again, how fantastic the sound is. Well, the creator uses real sounds from nature, and enhances the feel, so the stereo of it, works, really works. The App is easy to use too, and comes with samples of other soundtracks you can buy directly; he even had a Halloween track you could buy. But I love the basic Thunderspace sounds. And as a bonus, it’s activates your flash on your smart phone just like in nature, so when lightening happens, it does in the room you’re in, was scary the first time, but now it just enhances the feel of nature in your room.

How much you ask for nirvana? well, it’s great deal for little money… Get it. a couple of bucks. I use it most days. And if you like weather apps, the same team created Haze, a colorful treatment of the weather, gives you much info in a minimalist way, love it’s beauty.

and if you are really on the edge of tech, the app now integrates with wind with a Belkin product. Just imagine, stereoscopic thunder, LED lightening, and wind. WOW.

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