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Review of NewsBar RSS Reader for IOS


Product Review

NewsBar RSS Reader for iOS

NewsBar RSS Reader for IOS
Reviewer: Gary Miller, Alaskan Apple Users Grp Member Product: NewsBar RSS Reader for IOS ( both iPhone and iPad versions included ) Company: NewsBar Contact: support@newsbar-app.com Web http://www.newsbar-app.com/ Price: $3.99 in Apple’s App store Pros: Excellent RSS reader that syncs feeds, news read statuses, starred items and others by Apple’s iCloud platform Cons: none



Product Rating: 5/5 Impressive

Conflict of interest disclosure: NewsBar provided a free copy of the App for the purposes of the review.

Like many users of RSS Feeds, I was searching for an easy to use app for my iphone and a new free iPad app as of 7/5/13, and my favorite on my Mac was NewBar, so when developer Andrew Porffy announced this new addition to his family of products, I jumped on it. And it’s great, syncs across all since it’s iCloud based, it’s easy to me to keep track of sources, easy to organize, and displays as posted quickly. Sure saves me time logging into webpages, this has it all.

Here’s a list of features:

• Fast and efficient RSS reader engine
• iCloud sync across Apple devices
• iCloud sync with NewsBar for Mac OS X
• Opens RSS links directly from Safari
• Clean, intuititive and easy to use interface
• Easy swipe between views and stories
• Organize feeds into user defined folders
• Keyword filter
• User selectable RSS and/or web browser view
• Built-in web browser
• Auto-hide read items
• Share news by Email, iMessage, Twitter, Facebook
• Star news for later reading
• Import RSS feeds from Google Reader or any OPML source
• Quick text search in all feeds
• Enable/disable feeds
• Read password protected RSS feeds
• Twitter and Facebook RSS feed support
• RSS 2.0, ATOM support

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