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Ian Shive Photography iPad App

Product Review

Reviewer: Gary Miller, Member of Alaskan Apple Users Group

Product: Ian Shive Photography iPad App
Company: Ian Shive
Price: $3.99 through iTunes store
Pros: excellent App for all levels of photography, well organized, tips/techniques, fabulous images and in-depth field guide
Cons: none


Product Rating: 5/5 Impressive

Conflict of interest disclosure: Ian Shive provided a free copy
of Ian Shive Photography App for iPad for the purposes of the review.

Beautiful photography by a guy who has won so many awards including the Ansel Adams Award for Conservation Photography, his work appears in Nature Conservancy publications, and his book on National Parks just went paperback ( get it ), he’s down to earth. This new app is Ian’s first to show what his life is about, sharing his thought process, journaling, and Q & A with him, he’s open about his causes and how he creates his amazing images. I think that if anything the app is priced too low at $3.99. He plans on updating it too, so get it now!

In the App which is huge in quality and quantity, it details how to get great images, what you need to own/take along, he tells through his photo essays how he approaches an assignment, which is a work of love, not just a job, it shows. He made the App very interactive, and I liked that, like having him across from you, and talking through an idea or concept or technique while viewing it. helpful. In talking with him on the phone, I found he’s most likable and friendly. He’s more than a photographer, and the slide shows in the App show it too. His field guide was insightful in my photo taking, his words were more than pure technique tips, and gave me a sense of what he thinks and feels on a shoot. You’ll also find videos he’s done, and he told me he’s doing more these days, so for those who have a still camera with video capabilities, you’ll get tips and a track to run on with this App. I loved using my iPad to see his work, learn his techniques, and just wander through it. His App is a hit with me, I highly recommend it.

This app also includes the following features:

• Field Guide to Photographing the American Wilderness. Ian’s first “how-to” book that provides technicals details and thought-processes Ian’s most popular photos including many of his well-known National Park photos. This section will constantly grow and update as Ian continues shooting and adding new work.
• Interactive Guide to Ian’s Camera bag
• Photo Journal, live photo dispatches from the field.
• In-Depth photo stories feature Ian’s award winning work
• Moving Pictures – video
• Over 200 breath taking photographs most never seen until now


iOs 4.0 or greater
compatible with iPad, all generations

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