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WindowSeat Mobile Car Kit with AUX

Product Review


Product: WindowSeat Mobile Car Kit with AUX
Company: Griffin Technology
Contact: 1-800-208-5996
Price: $49.99
Pros: stylish, well made, allows handsfree phone calls, and charges at the same time
Cons: none


Product Rating: 5/5 Excellent

by Gary Miller, Alaskan Apple Users Group Member

Conflict of interest disclosure: Griffin Technology provided a free copy of WindowSeat Mobile Car Kit to me for the purposes of the review.

When you take your iPhone into your car, and someone calls you, you have a choice, either hold it to your ear, or if you’re lucky enough to own a cool new Griffin Technology WindowSeat Mobile Car Kit, you just talk to your iPhone mounted on either the windshield or dash, so no having to hold the phone, yea! It’s truly a Drive Safe Solution!

Another issue that this new device does, is that it comes with their powerful PowerJolt Universal car charger that charges quickly. I know that often my iPhone loses it’s charge when I need it, and this proves so reliable and helpful, just put your iPhone in the cradle, and it’s plugged into your charger. It comes with an adapter if you use an iPhone or iPod, that handles USB to Dock Connector. When you receive a call, it includes a 31.4″ AUX cable so you can hear calls through your car’s audio system, and be able to talk hands free, since the cable includes a mic that goes into your phone’s plug in.

The cradle is well thought out, so it will accommodate cases that most of us have, from iPhone, HTC, Palm, and Samsung, leave it to Griffin to think ahead and work to make users happy. Thanks. I really like it’s quality, and ease of use. Get one, you’ll be happy too!


The complete handsfree phoning, music-playing, charging, and cradle solution for iPhone and smartphones
Five essential components to keep your device secure, charged, and connected
WindowSeat windshield/dashboard mount and cradle
Combo mic + AUX cable sends music to your car stereo and lets you talk handsfree
PowerJolt Universal 5 watt (1 amp) charger
Included dock adapter and USB to micro-USB cable, together, support charging for a wide variety of devices


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