SOHO Business Cards 3

Product Review


Product: SOHO Business Cards 3
Company: Chronos
Contact: via website
Price: $39.99 single, $69.99 family pack, trial version for 30 days
Pros: easy to use, intuitive
Cons: none


Product Rating: 4/5 Impressive

by Gary Miller, Alaskan Apple Users Group Member

Conflict of interest disclosure: Chronos provided a free copy of SOHO Business Card 3 to me for the purposes of the review.

SOHO Business Cards 3 is a gift to us users. Easy to install, open it up, and a cool way to have the software help you decide how you want your business cards to look. Do you 2 sided, folding, they are all here with up to 5 styles, and many art choices to use that are all searchable. It’s simple step by step process, actually only 3 steps. Want your text to be curved or spiral, it does it.

I liked the way their Smart Templates let me drag/drop, and how I could use stock brands, like Avery. I used iPhoto to import in my photos too. It’s very easy, and I think the results are very good. Do you use Mac’s CoverFlow to see apps, well, SOHO Business Cards 3 now does too, so I could see larger sized previews of what I was working on, so helpful!

Another new feature is the Font Previews is a size big enough, I could decide which one worked. Yea. They have included more Smart Shapes, actually 35, for adding some punch to your cards. And they added 974 new graphics in 20 artwork kits. I think it’s a deal.

Go for it. The 30 day free trial will show you how easy it is to use. I liked with this new version, more professional looks. The more they add, the better as we compete in the business world.


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