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Casauri Envelope 13.3″ laptop case

Product Review


Product: Casauri Envelope 13.3″ (15″ x 10″) Case for laptop
Company: Casauri
Contact: 772-460-8978
Price: $55.00 with MUG discount available of 40% off
Pros: stylish, well made, fully padded, Fun
Cons: none


Product Rating: 5/5 Excellent

by Gary Miller, Alaskan Apple Users Group Member

Conflict of interest disclosure: Casauri provided a free copy of Envelope 13.3 Case to me for the purposes of the review.

When I went shopping for a case for my MacBook Air, I found not much I was even interested in, boring styles, often weren’t waterproof, handles were hard to grab, and no ID pocket, well then I saw a cool line of cases by a small company from Florida called Casauri, two women own and run it, easy to deal with, and have fashion written all over their products, from the 13.3 laptop envelope I have that comes in 2 designs, sun stripes or blocks, both tropical colors that say FUN. They have a removable shoulder strap that is comfortable to use, a zippered front pocket that holds my charger, and yes, an ID pocket that’s clear, perfect.

Their website is cool too (, a welcoming green with suggestions to your shopping requirements. I called and talked with Emily, and she was fun to chat with, and helpful in choosing the first sample of their line. I had thought of using a larger size case, and she suggested the envelope instead, saying it would hold some papers, the power supply, and had handles or I could a strap. It’s a nice nylon polyester fabric, sized 15″ x 10″, it works great. I will try another size, or other product Emily recommends next and report back. Have a look at their website or FaceBook page and quickly you’ll see they are responsible women who make good products that you’ll enjoy using. And remember as a MUG member, she’s discounting it 40% off. Wow. Great deal.


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