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Book: Sandvox 2.0
Company: Karelia
Price: $77 single user, $117 household, free trial version, and upgrade version $47
Pros: well laid out, intuitive feel, improved in all ways in this new version
Cons: none


Product Rating: 4/5 Impressive

by Gary Miller, Alaskan Apple Users Group Member

Conflict of interest disclosure:Karelia provided a free copy of Sandvox 2 to me for the purposes of the review.

Sandvox 2 is a cool and easy way to make websites that buzz. With a new version that included over 5 dozen new features ( I stopped counting all the new features…) This is a app that works for regular folks, me – I’m a novice web guy and the built in help, template driven approach made me smile. The sites I worked up, will work for Apple’s favorite website’s HTML 5, and are compatible with IOS devices like your iPhone, we all know about sites that won’t format correctly on your phone or other device. The creators brought of Watson in their former lives to life, a very helpful app, that was bought out and retired, sadly.

So as I started out, I saw quickly that I could mix and match quicker, my content I’d created was quickly dragged into the template, and the new choices, were most welcome. They point you to other third party designers too for templates, just in case. As in most Apple apps these days, there is an ‘inspector’ for for layout, options, like in Pages. The new Photo Gallery feature was smooth, and worked well. More control was nice. And built in Social Media so I could add Facebook, Twitter, etc. Sandvox 2 upgraded their iMedia Browser too, for using your photos, Flickr account, and make a podcast, I didn’t do that, but great knowing I could. Since I’m not a code person, I didn’t use the Code Injection and custom CSS features, but it’s there for advanced users.

The help area is well designed and user friendly. I brought up Apple’s Pages, a simple layout program, but Sandvox 2 is more powerful, more like the approach in Adobe’s In Design in the way is uses layout. They used to make a regular and Pro versions, now it’s just one, which is smart, who wants the dumbed down version. I liked starting out with a blank template too, using the Design Chooser grouped design variations for me, it has a filter that helped me put likes with likes. Publishing is quick, it showed me how I did, meaning if I made a mistake, and they are already working on Lion OS updates, and Mobile Me changes from Apple. It’s a good value for sure.

System Requirements:
Sandvox 2.0 requires Mac OS X version 10.5 (Leopard) or higher and is currently available in English and French, with localization for additional languages expected during the coming months.

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