Lonely Planet Globe Tripper HD (iOS game)

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Book: Lonely Planet Globe Tripper HD
Company: Lonely Planet
Contact: 800 275 8555
Price: $2.99 for iPad, $1.99 for iPhone, iPod Touch on iTunes Store
Pros: travel 30 countries with this fun game, learning trivia and earning prizes
Cons: none


Product Rating: 4/5 Excellent

by Gary Miller, Alaskan Apple Users Group Member

Conflict of interest disclosure: Lonely Planet provided a free copy of Globe Tripper HD to me for the purposes of the review.

I like to learn about places I’ve visited and those I haven’t, this new game by Lonely Planet, really is a fun way to play, learn, and plan a trip on a iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. As many know, Lonely Planet works with the BBC to create products, and this game came from them too. It’s installs easily from iTunes store. I went through Settings first, adding my FaceBook, Twitter accounts to post if I want, set up music levels, and to Open Feint, a way of receiving prizes/acknowledgements for achieving great scores with the game, I chose not to do that, but I can always add it.

Ok, first you’ll see a beautiful spinning Planet Earth, with axis trails and costs to get somewhere, useful to know, and I used my finger to pick a spot, and it said Thailand, opening up full color page, showing 3 headings: Places to Go, Things to Do, and Culture, I then clicked on Culture, that opens up another beautiful fuller color photo and a question – Sports and Recreation, Religion, each with a question and 4 responses to choose from, if I answer correctly, it tells me so, and also if I miss it, with the correct answer popping up before going on. It has a word scramble question, such as Made from rice, wheat and mung bean, with a series of letters you can move. it goes fast, and I always felt if I missed one, I had another shot quickly. There were 10 challenges and a time limit of 100 seconds, with a slider at the bottom of the screen showing me how much time left. If I grew tired of a area/Thailand in this case, I can touch settings, and it asks me if I want to Switch Location, Main Menu, or prizes… I clicked Main Menu, it warned me I’d lose the cash I’d won so far… I went anyway, and it then asked me at the beginning window, if I wanted to change players or play a new game. easy. and fun. Their website is the support/help area with FAQ’s and a Topic’s area, with an active forum. That is watched and answers responded to. Great.

The game remembers your name, and welcomes you each time, with your point score, in my case 5853 miles are my first outing. If I want to cash in my won miles, I can click a trophy at the bottom, and it takes me to Argentina, showing me what I can get as a souvenir for that amount of money, say Sirloin steak and gourmet sauces n Palermo Viejo. That’s in Culture, remember where I started, so you compete and win in a given area/genre.

I liked the game, more fun than reading a boring travel book, or pouring over the internet about a future place to visit, the game really makes it fun to learn, and you win rewards too. Lonely Planet has a knack in using more creative writers in their books and this game, it’s playful, and that keeps me involved.

Requirements for iPad version: running iOS 3.2 or later

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