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We Need You!

Just a reminder to all of you AAUG members out there – we can’t make the group run without your help!

The AAUG board needs a few members to step up, join the board and help take care of the month-to-month duties that keep the wheels turning. After many years of service, long-time board member Theresa Geiger is stepping down. She’s more than ably run the AAUG Lending Library and taken care of coordinating food for the monthly meetings (i.e. ensuring someone is signed up to purchase and set up the food). I’d be glad to do it myself, but if you look, my name is already listed four times for duties on the 2011 board. The time commitment is not significant – about four to five hours per month, including time spent at the monthly meeting, plus a quarterly board meeting – however the benefit to the club is great. It doesn’t take any great technical skill with a mac to do – so long as you can email, you can handle what your board duties will demand of you.

We’re a good bunch to work with, and hope that a couple of you will step up and join us for the fun and generally easy work of keeping AAUG running.  Email Gary or I via the board page if you’re interested.

Zach – AAUG VP/Treasurer/Website Runner/Tech Support

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