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Reviewer: Garrett Rudisill
Product: Gish 1.6
Company: Chronic Logic
Price: $19.95, and others, see below
Pros: New name a price option lets you buy Gish for as low as $1; level editor adds variety when you beat the main story, for lasting fun; 4 player offline competitions; Lower end graphics make it compatible on almost all computer specs
Cons: lacks built in browser and downloading option for other’s custom levels; Lacks in-game tutorials of how to play other than basic movement


Product Rating: 4/5 Great

by Garrett Rudisill, Alaskan Apple Users Group Member

Conflict of interest disclosure: Chronic Logic provided a free copy of Gish 1.6 to me for the purposes of the review.

Gish 1.6 is a platformer game, based on getting gish (the main character tar-ball) from point a to point b while facing foes and the occasional puzzle. Gish incorporates some great gameplay ideas with gist like sticking to walls to get up them, and the ability to slide between narrow spaces too.The level creator is a nice feature too, that adds lasting value to gist. With it being so cheap, comes a slight trade off of graphics. This can be seen as a pro and con. The pro is that almost any computer can run this game without the slightest hiccup. The con is that sometimes it can be a eyesore if used to playing platformers such as mario with much better graphics. There are only 2 real cons to gist: the lack of tutorials in game, and the level editor not having a browsing feature to download other’s levels.

The game consists of simply rolling gish to get from point a to b. You normally just go left, but sometimes there are puzzles where you must stick gist to a wall and roll up, around, and upside down to hit switches and drop on enemies. Speaking of enemies, this is where it gets weird, you fight…how do I say this,poop and other weird shaped enemies.
The game is gun at first, but slowly gets somewhat repetitive, but the bosses mix it up a bit. Overall though, the game is good. There are some surfaces the game fails to tell you that you can’t stick to, and minor things like that where a tutorial should have cleared it up.

The lack of tutorials made some levels harder, but not unpassable, and the lack of a download browser leaves the creativity of others hard to enjoy. If you want to add someone else’s level to play you will have to google and figure out how to manually insert it into gish’s files. Gish was a really good game, but leaves room to improve.

The game runs on Mac OSX 10.1+, Linux, Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7; OpenGL compatible graphics card with at least 32 MB memory; 1 GHz processor (PowerPC Compatible); 256 MB of RAM.

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