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Doing Business on Facebook: The Mini Missing Manual (ebook)

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Product: Doing Business on Facebook: The Mini Missing Manual (published 6/2010)
Author: E. A. Vander Veer
Company: O’Reilly Media/Pogue Press
Contact: 800-998-9938
Price: $4.99 (eBook)
Pros: succinct, quality illustrations, good price for a resource
Cons: none


Moose Rating: 5/5 Excellent

by Gary Miller, Alaskan Apple Users Group member

Conflict of interest disclosure: O’Reilly provided a free copy of Doing Business on FaceBook to me for the purposes of the review.

In our electronic, get it done age, I wanted to learn what additional ways I could advance our small business. In our era of Social Media, FaceBook is a leader, millions using it more and more, and business using it if they want to exist, let alone add new customers.

This book by O’Reilly, a leader in electronic media, came to me via downloading it, they have all formats, and since I wanted to read the book on my new iPad, I used ePub format. I downloaded it, then dragged it to my iTunes folder, and then sync’d it, now it opens in the ibook application, and works great, colorful illustrations too. I liked the approach by the author, she tells what the point is, then supports it. She has a knack for techie language translated into English, meaning, I can understand her easily. I see from her list of other written works, that she also writes about programming and some of the Microsoft Office products like PowerPoint.

In the book, she covers the people aspect of acquiring or hiring, and how best to do it, checking them out or vetting, and how one looks for a job. As FaceBook users know, there are many areas to tell about oneself, and so using your Profile as a Resume was an interesting approach she covered.

Collaboration on projects was good. Using FaceBooks way to ‘talking’ can be used to keep up with your customers, so when you see a customer online, initiate a chat. She uses “Tips” in a highlighted blue text, which is easier to get to, and speaks directly to an issue, in this vein, creating a Business Friend’s list, here’s her suggestion to give you the idea:

Tip: You may want to create a business-related Friend List and then add folks like your boss, coworkers, and clients to it. Doing so helps make customizing your privacy settings easy, because you don’t have to tell Facebook the name of each business contact every time you tweak a privacy setting—you can just give Facebook the list name. To make a list, at the top of any Facebook screen, click account, then click edit Friends. on the left side of the page that appears, click the all connections link. Then click the create new list button. after you create the list, you can click account, then Privacy settings, and then “custom- ize settings”. click the button that appears to the right of each setting, choose customize, and then, from the “These people” menu, select specific People and type in the name of your list.

Advertising is obviously a given about targeting new and existing customers for your business, and she again is succinct in her suggested approaches. She gave me more information than I had known, and gave me new approaches. She starts with the simple, then moves on to exactly how a task is done, such as Creating a Page, step by step, with color illustration. Well done.

A feature of this eBook I hadn’t seen before, either because I hadn’t looked or knowing O’Reilly does an excellent publishing job, they included the Colophon or giving publishers information about the printing/author. In went into how best to print this, since it’s an eBook, about Fonts, etc. very helpful!

I highly suggest this mini book, it’s short, concise and only 65 pages, so a quick read. O’Reilly also has deals to buy 2 and get a free one on their website,

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