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Mac OS X Snow Leopard Digital Classroom

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Product: Mac OS X Snow Leopard Digital Classroom: A complete training package
Author: Chad Chelius & The AGI training team
Company: Wiley Publishing
Price: $39.99 (Buy for less at Amazon link below)
Amazon/AAUG Partner link: Click Here to Buy at a Discount and Support AAUG!
Pros: Excellent tool for exploring the operating system Snow Leopard for purchase. Outstanding reference from install & getting started to troubleshooting
Cons: The cover is floppy and slippery. My preference is more support. I tab pages for future reference, my tabs are not protected by the cover.


Moose Rating: 5/5 A Must Have!

by Gale Foode, Alaskan Apple Users Group Member

Conflict of interest disclosure: vendor provided a free copy of this item to me for the purposes of the review.

I am a beginner to intermediate level user. The Book is light, easy to carry, handle, read, and look things up. The Content is a great outline of expectations to set you up. I like the twelve self study question and answer reviews at the end of each chapter. I used them to prep for reading each chapter. It helped me organize new thoughts and information ahead.

Each chapter gives you clues to where to check the DVD for following along. The index is detailed enough to explore topics of interest from there to look up. Information is outlined for use page by page from overview of the critical path to deep drill down as needed.

This book is written from a no nonsense, experienced hands on approach. I love the first part, on page 5 “Is this book for you?” In an age of information overload, it is important for me to be able to get to this up front and center. I can open any chapter in this book and work back or forward without getting lost. It is a gem.

I like that it has basic Back Up chapter, I use MobileMe. I pre-programmed it one time and then tend to forget the process. The same thing goes for networking. I don’t do it enough to recall the process and need to look it up occasionally. I love the simple description of what, why and when I want to create a LAN (local area network). The pictures of the switches, hubs and routers are great. It puts this networking process safely in my hands. Though out the book I am spoon feed reminders, page after page with pictures, for example of what the heck a “switch” is within context. I have learned the definition of a switch- repeatedly over the years without being able to recall it a day later. It is the same thing for my AirPort card. With this book I can wrap my head around the process of troubleshooting my own networking problems. I am impressed. The images they drew are similar to my own hen scratching as I learn. Right down to including the color codes lines and directions, there is one big exception- their images are clear complete maps. I can literally check my learning, blow by blow visually, simply by comparing my map to their images as I go. It is fun.

I like the section that explains clearly what you need to do to operate screen sharing between Snow Leopard, and the older operating system OSX 10.4. It even cues me to create a separate “Sharing Only” account for future use which will allow me to let other computers with other operating systems share my screen well after I have put this book down.

There is a chapter that reviews Safari as a web browser in depth. I use Firefox and was momentarily disheartened, and then pleased to find Firefox referenced in the index as additional software. This book contains everything I need to know for upgrading and interfacing with the applications, printers, scanners, cameras, phones I use.

I visited the American Graphics Institute digital classroom website reference in the book. I was able to email and signed up with the Author for 1:1 learning. This is your portal to in-depth above intermediate level learning. If you finish this book with an appetite for dense up to the minute information, this site is designed for stepping up.

The accompanying DVD is linked tight to each chapter. It is an exceptional added bonus. It is great for working through difficult learning curves for those times when I am frazzled and need IT hand holding! It’s the cat’s meow.

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