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Company: ThinkTank Photo
Contact: 866-558-4465
Price: $49.99 US
Pros: A very versatile case of high quality design that will keep you creative by keeping your gear working for you.
Cons: Belt systems were in short supply, this con became a pro because they redesigned the belts with more size flexibilities and are now widely available.

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by Mike Baranowski, AAUG Member

Conflict of interest disclosure: ThinkTank Photo provided at no charge Multimedia Wireless Mic Kit to me for the purposes of the review.

Think Tank gets it! They have been making modular photography cases since January 2005, and they now offer a multimedia collection. This modular case is one in a large array of interchangeable modular cases that allows you to wire up your gear and take your workflow to the field to capture the event right the first time (limiting time spent in post production). Being modular is important to carry only what you will need (especially important when commuting in private planes or boats) as well as comfort on your back. Think Tank assists you in separating your gear into what is the best way to store, transport, and facilitate capturing. It prepares you for “mission design” – configuring your gear in the workflow you feel will authentically capture the event. The case has a low profile and stays snug to your body so you can walk thru crowds or brush easily, or pull it to the front to insure its security, or to the back to protect your posture. Being able to slide the case around on the belt allows you to sit and kneel without difficulty. Think Tank also allows the ability to “lock” all the Think Tank cases in their position on the photo belt system. I had difficulty getting a Think Tank Belt; they were sold out everywhere (local, web, etc.). In late September I found out with their new website that Think Tank redesigned the Belt systems to offer more flexibility by adding in a 4th size. They were just running the product out to change over. I put my order in for both a Pro and Steroid in the new size. Think Tank contacted me to inform me they were available – that’s service that goes way beyond other vendors!

When Think Tank’s cases are in your hands you will be flooded with confirming thoughts like: amazing design, thorough construction, and superior craftsmanship. This Multimedia Wireless Mic Kit is no exception!

The large center pocket comes with one internal divider that velcro’s into position from the case bottom and could accommodate (to name just a few);
ï‚· two lavaliere mic kits (battery powered receivers/transceivers),
ï‚· or a normal point and shoot camera and a Tekkeon rechargeable battery pack to drive other field systems (i.e. lights, receivers or field recorders),
ï‚· or a Nodal Ninja MKII panoramic tripod head with the EZ leveler II system,
ï‚· or up to five or six MultiMAX PocketWizards to drive strobes or remote shutter.
As pointed out earlier, with the comfortable belt system the weight can be distributed on your hips making a long trek with much gear easily achievable. This limits wear on you and the gear during movement and reduces the noise that could be captured during audio recording. The inner pocket also sports a see through pocket for quick access to your business cards or proof of ownership.

A Think Tanks standard is a seam-sealed rain cover stowed in the internal back pocket to be available when you are caught in the elements (rain or snow). In really cold climates, this back pocket is also great for placing a hand warmer (disposable self-heating Hot Pad for up to 8 hours of continuous warmth) inside the case to protect the battery life (otherwise your ability to capture this event could be shut down in a matter of minutes).

An internal front pocket also holds a provided accessories bag, called a “Cable Management 20” case. The accessory bag has a zipper closure and a see through side panel, there are three red bungee cable retainers. This package is great for ruling all the cables and accessories that are required to have on hand but yet not allow them to interfere with your current access to the gear. This internal bag is retained under the top zipper flap and you can secure it with a velcro strap.

A cable management system is cut through out the case providing a multitude of routing options. Every cable port is marked with a blue accent material so you do not miss any of your routing options. Cable routing is well evolved; many locations and pockets are internally connected to go from one pocket to the next or out one module case into another module.
You can access all this from quality side zippers that open wide, all the way to the bottom sides of the bag yet side webbing ensures nothing will fall out – Think Tanks “No Drop” design. You can close the bag quickly and quietly using a magnetic clasp – “Quick Tab” feature. The back also offers two loops so you could attach an arm strap with thumb clips if you did not want to use the belt system.

An outer stretchable pocket with bungee cinch cord stores coiled XLR cables and a “Mic Hand” is provided to hold a microphone (handheld or shotgun style) securely to the case for easy access to run an interview or capture ambient recording. This pocket is also great for just storing more cables that you need access to during set up or demobilization.

Think Tank has helped me clean up my workflow and I stay more creative in the field production and have much less to do in post. Great job Think Tank I am reassessing my other multimedia workflow with your products in mind!

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