Sleevzâ„¢ for MacBook Air

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Company: Rad Tech
Contact: +1 314-209-9993
Price: $24.95
Pros: Svelte and form fitting; can be used to polish screen and cover
Cons: One exposed side; initially it is a big too snug but it loosens up

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by Guy Okada, AAUG Member

Conflict of interest disclosure: This product was provided free to me for the purpose of the review. 

A sleeve for a laptop is simple to use or at least it should be. When I took the Rad Tech â„¢ out of the plastic tube that it came in, out slid a sheet of paper with instructions on how to use the sleeve. I thought, “Come on, instructions for using a sleeve to slip my MacBook Air into? Right!” So I discarded the instructions and tried to slip my MBA into it and it was a struggle. It was like putting a rubber glove on a wet hand. I asked myself if I was doing something wrong. So I picked up the instructions and followed them. It helped. Sleevzâ„¢ takes a bit to get used to but it does its job well.

The Rad Tech Sleevzâ„¢ is made from Optex Super80 fabric and comes in six cool colors. I have the gray Sleevz which is like the aluminum unibody of the Macbook line. It is light (36 grams) and very portable; it will fold up into a packet the size of a deck of cards. The Optex material is washable and it can be used as a polishing cloth for your laptop’s screen or cover.
The design is very simple: it is an envelope that is completely open on one side. I like that it doesn’t have a zipper as there is always the danger of it scratching my laptop but the open end does leave it a bit exposed.

I like this product and it served me well on a recent trip out-of-state. Sleevzâ„¢ didn’t add bulk to my MacBook Air and it fit into my backpack without a problem. Sleevzâ„¢ also meets TSA requirements so I didn’t have to out my laptop while going through security. The only minor issue I have with this sleeve is that initially it was just a tad too snug. While it surrounds my MBA like a glove, it is a tight fit and putting it on and, especially, taking it off takes a bit of effort. After a couple of weeks of use it has loosened up to where it is almost a perfect fit. I highly recommend Sleevzâ„¢.



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