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Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter

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Company: SendStation
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Price: $22.95
Pros: works as advertised
Cons: none

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by Scott Nations, AAUG Member

SendStation provided a free copy of the Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter to me for the purposes of this review.

In a way, reviewing a product like the SendStation Mini Display Port to HDMI Adapter is like testing an electrical extension cord. If it works, then the product gets a passing grade. If not, well…

This product allows one to connect any mini display port equipped computer to a television or other monitor with an HDMI input. The cable, approximately 6 3/4 in. long, has a mini display port connector on one end and a female HDMI connector on the other.

For my test of the adapter, I used a 15” Macbook Pro, a 40 inch Samsung television, and a 6 foot HDMI cable purchased from a local electronics shop. All cable connections were made with the MBP and the TV turned off. I turned the TV on first, then the MBP. Immediately, the MBP detected the Samsung and opened the display menu of System Preferences. Initially, I accepted the default setting which treated the television like the second monitor in a dual monitor setup. In this mode, the TV displayed my usual desktop background. By changing the display settings, I was able to get the TV to mirror the display on the MBP. One can also adjust the resolution settings for the TV through the System Preferences menu, though I found the default settings were at the highest possible resolution for my television.

SendStation, on their support page, indicates that their Mini DisplayPort HDMI Adapter is capable of carrying audio in addition to video. However, they caution that OS X does not currently support audio output via the DisplayPort connection. For now, to utilize the computer’s audio, one must use the audio out or USB port on the Mac.

SendStation is a German manufacturer of accessories and connectors for the iPod. The company website lists their Mini DisplayPort Adapters as a new product line. In addition to the HDMI adapter, SendStation also sells VGA and DVI adapters. The Apple Store also sells a variety of Mini DisplayPort Adapters; however, as of this date, Apple does not provide a Mini DisplayPort adapter with HDMI connectivity. So, for those of you who would like to connect a MacBook to a large display via HDMI, the SendStation product provides a solution.

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