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DLO Videoshell for iPod Touch

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Product: DLO VideoShell for iPod Touch
Company: DLO
Contact: Web Site
Price: $19.99
Pros: Holds iPod Touch at the right angle for video viewing
Cons: why is there an iPhone hole on the front?

Product Rating

5 moose


by Rob LeFebvre, AAUG Member

This is a great case that does what it advertises and does it well. The DLO Videoshell provides near perfect protection for my iPod Touch while holding it at the perfect angle for watching video or listening to music.
upright ipod

I’ve been using a different company’s clear plastic hardcase for several months, and loved it very much. A clear case lets me show off the good looks of my iPod Touch, as well as affording me protection from drops, bumps, scratches and toddlers. The only thing lacking was a way to hold the iPod upright when watching videos. I spend many hours on planes, and having to hold the ipod, especially when sharing it with a seatmate, was giving me cramps (I know — we should all be so “put upon”). I tried twisted paper clips, propping it on a book or magazine, etc. Nothing really worked.

1.jpgEnter the DLO Videoshell for iPod Touch. It is darn near perfect for what I want. It completely encases the iPod, leaving only the bottom dock connector open for easy access. It improves upon my old case in two ways: one, the aforementioned kickstand and two, there are buttons covering both the menu button and the sleep/wake button. These buttons are much easier to press with the DLO case.

kickstandThe kickstand is well designed. It folds up into the back of the case and adds no thickness to the unit. I love to just grab my iPod and go, so this is a plus. It still fits well into my pocket. The whole unit, even with the hard plastic case, isn’t any thicker than an iPhone. It slides right back in when I want to pocket the iPod, too. The DLO case came with a clear plastic screen protector film. It was easy to put on, and hasn’t been an issue, yet. I forget it’s even on there.

I’ve watched videos on this thing a few times since getting the review case, and I must say that I’m impressed. You can adjust the angle at which you want to view it by sliding the kickstand out farther or pushing it in closer to the body of the iPod. I’ve even used it in an upright position, to listen to music while not connected to the dock connector.

front viewMy only nit to pick is the front plate of the shell. There’s a hole in the same place an iPhone’s speaker is. It’s like they used the same face from their iPhone hard shell case, and put a different back on it. That may be how they made this case cost less, but it still bugs me. 🙂

This is a great addition to my iPod Touch, and at $19.99, it’s a great deal. I’d grab one right now, if I were you.


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