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Take Control Books, great resources

Take Control Books really make great resources for all aspects of your tech world, especially Apple products, and they support user groups, thankfully. Here are a couple from their lengthy and always being refreshed list of titles, complete list is here:

If you are new to passwords, and always getting frustrated by having to create, find your old ones, or just fear getting hacked, then you might consider 1Password, and so that you get the most out of using it, Joe Kissell’s Take Control for 1Password –  2nd edition, published March 3, 2016.

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1Password can be easy or involved, and Joe makes it understandable, and since it’s an eBook, I like referring to it on my iPhone or iPad or at home on my Mac, especially when I totally forget. The book is 175 pages, available in PDF, Mobi, & ePub, it covers all versions – for Mac, iOS, Android, Windows…  it covers all the questions, and ponders I hadn’t even thought up.  Joe has written over 50 books, so knows what he talks about.   I won’t go into all the reasons to get 1Password ( you can download a free trial copy), but suffice to know is it takes some time and work to implement it, but then you’ll be able to keep track of your credit cards, etc.  plus all your regular passwords…  The book makes it go much faster!  and we all want to move on to the next big thing…

DropBox is my choice for a most used app on my Mac, and iphone/ipad, and Take Control has a new version  covering the latest version of DropBox, it’s Take Control of Dropbox 2

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Author Joe Kissell makes it easy to really to understand and use the many features of DropBox, and like all Take Control books, you can download a newer version for free anytime.  He’s written 50 books, so I trusted his advice.  I liked the new feature of Dropbox for collaboration, working with others, and how it easily integrates with other apps. Here’s a cheatsheet that the author created you can download til you buy the book, it’s part of it! TCoDropbox-CheatSheet-2.0  151 pages,  available in all formats: Mobi, PDF, ePub.  published Feb 25, 2016.

I love Take Control Books, my favorite resources!

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