New books for your traveling self…

Lonely Planet, publisher of all the books you want about travel has a few new titles I’d like to share… I’ve linked each title so you can purchase directly from the publisher and save money!  Both books are available in print, eBook, you can buy chapters only, or a bundle…


Lonely Planet Day Planner 2016, isbn: 9781743607664 – a snappy looking and easy to use place to pen your coming activities.


Europe Travel Guide, current edition as of Fall 2015, 9781743214695 isbn – updated with best ways to travel, places to stay, and where to eat and enjoy it.  Well written.


Cuba Travel Guide, 9/2015, 9781743216781 isbn – The new place to go, cool cars, food you’ve read about, find out where to go, stay, eat, and have fun!  Published in the Fall 2015, so very current info.

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