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Lonely Planet’s Discover Honolulu, Waikiki, and O’ahu

Book Review

Discover Kauai, Experience the best of kauai

Review by: Gary Miller, Alaskan Apple Users
Group Member
Book: Discover Honolulu, Waikiki, & O’ahu
ISBN: 978-1-74220-466-6 Pages: 352 Maps: 45
Authors: Sara Benson and Lisa Dunford
Company: Lonely Planet
Web: www.lonelyplanet.com
Contact: 510 250 6400
Price: $19.99
Pros: small, carry along format,suggested
itineraries, highlights, sustainable travel
Cons: none

Product Rating: 5/5 Excellent

Conflict of interest disclosure: Lonely Planet provided a free copy of Discover Honolulu, Waikiki, and O’ahu for the purposes of the review.

Discover Honolulu,Waikiki, and O’ahu is a new book from Lonely Planet that came out in September 2012, perfect timing for snow birds, and everyone thinking of Hawaii vacations, this one is 350 pages, packed with great photos to put you in the mood, itineraries that give the real number of days and costs with suggested vendors, most helpful. I liked it’s organization, color coded too. A new feature I liked was The Best for beaches, spots we might miss, and Detour is a good way, unique spots off the beaten path, or If you like, lesser known alternative attractions. The Local knowledge approach was perfect.

The book starts with top or Best after a well done contents page, again color coded, planning ideas, and since it divides the island into areas, one can easily plan where and how long you want to spend there. Really laid out well. I liked the In Focus feature giving history, cuisine, and family travel ideas. The Maps of the island were thorough and well done.

I was interested in staying in Waikiki, the busiest of places in Hawaii, but also offering the most in choices in entertainment, food, and beaches without parallel. The book quickly zeroed me into places to stay, historic, cheap or not, gay and lesbian too. It was easy to flip through, be it for family friendly recommendations or where to eat, with many preferences, and all the time, feeling like a local person was there advising me. Very nice.

The more time I spent with the book, the more I wanted to just pick up and go to Hawaii, feeling more comfortable with using bus routes it talked about, or itineraries, very nice book I like and recommend.

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