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Chimani Yosemite iPhone App

Product Review

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App: Yosemite iPhone App
Company: Chimani
Price: $9.99 via iTunes App Store
Pros: organized, colorful, thorough information & colorful photos
Cons: none


Product Rating: 5/5 Excellent

by Gary Miller, Alaskan Apple Users Group Member

Conflict of interest disclosure: Chimani provided a free copy of Yosemite iPhone App to me for the purposes of the review.

I love our National Parks, but find them so large, so many choices of hikes, things to see, wonder where something is… Well, Chimani’s founder, Kerry Gallivan answered our calls, and has created very well thought out apps for the iPhone and Android, but I’ll deal with the iPhone version here.

Once I downloaded the App from the iTunes store, I could readily see how well it was laid out. As you might know if you’ve enjoyed Yosemite Park, it’s HUGE, and thus daunting as to what to do/see/enjoy first, where to stay, and what’s incredible beauty looks like, well, Kerry’s photograph’s are well done, and whet my appetite to go…

When you first open the App, you’ll see the friendly Search window, much appreciated, for when I forget what I’ve read or want to find a specific thing or topic. I’ve included the screenshot below, showing:

Information – Contact info, operating hours, fees, service hours for places
within the park’s areas, visiting in the various seasons ( great idea since things change each season)campgrounds,
pets, cell phone coverage, much more…

Auto Tours – Overview of park, and specific choices like geology ( erosion,
glaciers, …wildlife, plants/flowers, or early inhabitants – he gives depth and yet, short enough to know if you want to
go on a specific routing. Also routes for Glacier Point or Hetch Hetchy or Wawona/Mariposa Grove or more.

Shuttle – So helpful, since parks now are not car compatible, and shuttles
really make it easy, but I know finding which one, where
they stop, etc is necessary, and the app has it all, like
date running, when it stops, when it stops at a lodge…

Favorites – so you can save your choices here

Maps – showing the entire park with clickable icons, i.e. campgrounds,
lodges, picnic areas.

Ranger Events – now updated with more information, and since really saves
time for programs offered. yea.

Sunrise/sunset times – and by area, like Valley, Glacier Point, Tuolumne

Hiking – It was easy to see Kerry really is a hiker, for so much info in this category. divided into estimated time/trail type( easy to difficult), elevation change, and clickable to see where a specific hike is in the overall park, great feature. I would like to have something telling me what the icons at top meant.

Safety – Emergency info, like 911 info, or where the Medical Clinic is, phones, open hours, etc swimming suggestions and weather suggestions, much thought went into this area to make your time safe.

Scenic Views – many areas with photos to lure you, and what you’ll see

Waterfalls – I remember once staying in January in the Valley, and waking to wonder what the noise was, upon daylight I saw the huge waterfall, but if I’d had the app I’d known more about it and what to expect… many choices of falls too

Point of Interest – like the cemetery which I hadn’t known of before, or
Washington Column or…

Museums – the infamous Ansel Adams gallery, a quaint spot, hours & links

Lodging – tells all the places, good descriptions of each and parking suggestions;

plus more tabs for food, store, gas, parking, restrooms with clickable map, support (want to volunteer), and photo gallery of beautiful images. and settings, allowing how many layers are visible on the maps, meaning, do you want food, store, parking and restrooms, or more than that. easy on and off button for each.

There’s an email for support button too. He’s quick to respond too.

I’ve focused on what’s included, and as I went thru the app I noted how well it’s put together, and made sense to me in it’s organization, so that even if I’d not been to Yosemite, I would go with just this App. get it, great money spent,and your time will be valued! Only suggestion would be a brief statement of what the app shows from the author, telling of how to use features, most are intuitive, but hiking had icons at top, that would have been better would some information about them.

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