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Product: Daisy Disk 2.0.6
Company: Daisy Disk
Price: $19.95
Pros: Easy to use
Cons: Can’t really see any


Product Rating: 5/5 Excellent

by Simone Lange, Alaskan Apple Users Group Member

Conflict of Interest: Daisy Disk provided a free copy of the program to AAUG for the purpose of the review.

As I am still on the old OS I wasn’t able to download from the Mac App Store. I contacted Daisy Disk and they setup a link that I could use. They were very prompt and very helpful.

Launching Daisy Disk is very simple just turn on program and tell it what it needs to scan. It then displays that scan for you with a color schematic/wheel or Daisy if you will. This scan shows the drive that you are scanning broken down into different colored sectors. It scanned my 100GB hard drive in a matter of seconds.

I thought that it was my programs that were hogging all that space as I have PhotoShop and Final Cut Pro plus a few other big baddies. My surprise when I found out I had a lot of small files that were hogging little bits that added up to a big bit of my hard drive. Also found out some of my printers are hogging about a gig a piece now will have to seriously think about if I need that printer attached or not.

As you run your mouse over the different colors on the wheel you get more information about that area and what files are in there. As you click on one of the colors it goes into depth about that particular folder or file. If you hit the center of the wheel it takes you backwards or you can click on the tabs menu above to go back or forward. If you want to just peak at what’s in the file you can hit the space bar and it shows you a preview. It doesn’t open any other applications just gives you a snapshot of that item, sometimes it just says folder.

Once you locate your space hogs you can drag and drop them on the little blue bulls eye and you can delete them from there. You can really dissect your hard drive rather quickly and efficiently with Daisy Disk. The great thing is that you can do everything in Real Time right inside Daisy Disk with no hassle.

Daisy Disk is pretty easy to use the program does most of the work you just have to go thru the layers. You can scan everything from your thumb drive up to larger external hard drives. It also states that it can handle Time Machine Disks without freezing or crashing.

Overall the program was very easy to use and helped me see what was going on my computer. The staff was very prompt in helping me get started with this program.

Test Platform: MacBook Pro with OS X v10.5.8

daisy disk.jpg

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