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Morph Age 4.05

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Product: Morph Age 4.05
Company: Creaceed
Contact: Email
Price: $59.99 (pro version $$149.95)
Pros: Easy to warp and morph images
Cons: Cannot input QuickTime movies but pro version does

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by Richard M. Geiger, AAUG Member

Morph Age is a application for warping and morphing images such as faces on the Mac OS. The output can be saved as a still photograph or as a QuickTime movie. Warping is the process of deforming an image and morphing is the process or going from one image to another image. An example of warping an image is taking a picture of Jay Leno, the former host of the NBC “Tonight Show,” and making his chin bigger but the rest of his facial features remaining the same. His staff and guests use to make fun of his big Italian chin and they would show a clip of his chin getting bigger and bigger. An example of morphing would be in the TV show of the “Incredible Hulk” Bruce Banner would transform from a man to the Hulk.

Creaceed Software has two versions of Morph Age: Morph Age which costs $59.95 and Morph Age Pro which costs $149.95. The difference between the two versions is the standard version works with still photographs and the pro version works with QuickTime movies as inputs. Both versions only work with Mac OS Leopard (10.5). I reviewed the standard version of Morph Age 4.05. The most recent version of Mac OS Tiger (10.4) is 3.0 which I did not review which is also $59.95.

The Morph Age manual is well organized and easy to read because it has a lot of good screen shots to help the reader understand how use the software. The program would be hard to use without the manual so I recommend that you go ahead and print the 30 page manual. If you are familiar with a photo editing program such Photoshop Elements Morph Age tools will not be that hard to learn. The program also comes with example files to help you follow along with the manual to learn the program.

The software is good intergradation with Apple’s iPhoto. If you have an Mac with iSight camera you can use the images you take from the camera.

I did my first test with Morph Age warping a still image. I started out with a warp of a still image of a women. I outlined her mouth, eyes and head so that the software would know where those facial features were. It warped the image which created a face that slides off the left. I also created a QuickTime movie of the warp. When I opened the movie in QuickTime it was too large for the screen so I had to change the movie settings in QuickTime Pro (not sure about the standard version of QuickTime). I found that in QuickTime I had to go to VIEW ->Fit to Screen and it solved the problem.

Next, I tried morphing a still image from an older women to younger women. The big thing to remember is that getting photos to size correctly so that when one image morphs into another. It is also helpful if you plan a head and take images from the same angle and size so it is easier to Morph the images. You might need to crop the image in order for the program to work correctly. Next, I used the face tool to select the head, nose, and mouth. The tool worked good on the first face but not on the second face. So I had to do some readjustment on the first photo and a lot of readjustment to the second image. I rendered the Morph and created a QuickTime Movie. The movie showed the older women morphing to a younger women. I had the same problem with QuickTime video as the first video in that the video was oversized so I had to go to VIEW →Fit to Screen to resize the video.

There are some advanced options that I did not test such as bending and motion curves, using barriers, using layers, using transparent images and using warp channel in morphs. Bending and motion deals with change the rate of morphing and warping. Barriers blocks areas from being morphed or warped. Using layers would allow you to control depth in the image. For example the chin could grow over the neck tie. Transparent images (or images with Alpha channel) can also be morphed. Using warp channels in morphs let you warp/morph one part of the image and continue on with a second part of the image.

The Morph Age is great product that works as advertised. Creaceed did a great job writing a manual so that the software was easy to use. If you are interested purchasing the program and have any interest in working with video I would recommend you take a look at the features of the Morph Age Pro so that you can use warps and morphs in still image and QuickTime movies. The version would be more usable but it costs another $90. I also remind you that you need Mac OS Leopard (10.5) for the latest version of the program but you can purchase an older version of Mac OS Tiger (10.4).

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