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iPhone camera evolution

Remember how great the camera was on the first iPhone back in 2007-8? Curious how your 5s compares to the latest and greatest? Unless you have a stack of every iPhone at your disposal, save your time and enjoy the fine work by the team at tap tap tap, makers of Camera+, who put together this fantastic comparison:


iOS 9 Review: An Upgrade That Will Save You Time and Battery

Unlike the years past, iOS 9 is a stable update. WSJ’s Joanna Stern gives you a tour of the features you’ll want to use the most once you upgrade. Photo/video: Drew Evans/The Wall Street Journal.

By JOANNA STERN, Wall Street Journal

Like clockwork, mid-September arrives, we update to a promising new iOS, then … we learn to survive with a buggy, slow and battery-drained iPhone. Again and again. It would make a boring sequel to “Groundhog Day.”

Here’s the spoiler, though: The plague of miserable, repetitive upgrade cycles ends Wednesday, with the arrival of iOS 9.

Available as a free update on all recent devices going back to the iPhone 4S and iPad 2, iOS 9 is all about stability—with fewer hair-pulling bugs, slowdowns and battery problems. Apple was so adamant about making up for last year’s disastrous iOS 8 launch—the one that left some with no cellular connectivity—that it even gave fearless users the opportunity to test out the new software early and report bugs.

New from Lonely Planet Publishers – From the Source Cooking series



Lonely Planet has introduced a new ‘From the Source’ Cookbook series that is really good.

The books are packed with ideas, photos, and created in the country of origin, like Thailand  Thailand – From the Source or Italy – From the Source. My wife and I found that just reading the easy to use/understand cookbooks inspired cooking, seeking out more unusual ingredients to create really delicious meals.

For example, in the Thailand – From the Source, we journeyed throughout the country, learning about the olden cities of Lampang and Chiang Mai in the North, who are known for mild seasonal food, rich with bitter flavors from the cooler climate, to the beaches in the south known for seafood.