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Easy tip to improve Touch ID recognition on your iOS device

Want to improve the Touch ID recognition on your iPhone 5S/6/6+ or iPad Air 2 or Mini 3? Here’s a simple tip to make your life a bit better:

1. go into settings
2. select Touch ID & Passcode
3. select “Add a Fingerprint”.
4. scan the same thumb again as a second fingerprint.

It’s that simple. You could scan your same thumb a third time, etc… This way your one thumb is scanned twice or three times as many times from all different angles, and should help reduce the incidence of three scans and you’re out.

Need to shorten a URL?

Here’s a quick and handy method (among the many out there) –

1. Select and copy your long URL into your clipboard.
2. Go to goo.gl
3. Paste your URL into the box where the cursor is positioned.
4. Click the Shorten URL button.
5. Copy (Ctrl + C) the already “selected” short URL to your clipboard. (For example, akappleug.org looks like this: http://goo.gl/IRPV9D)

And that’s all! h/t to Roger Knights and kk.org/cooltools