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Join us Oct 8th for our Monthly Meeting…

iPhone-Curved-AMOL_1706995aJoin us at the October AAUG meeting where we’ll be talking about the iPhone 6 and 6+ with a face-off between owners…Jon Scudder and Ted Angstead. We’ll visit with Ben Kerosky via FaceTime from Seattle. Sandor Brown of the the Anchorage Apple Store has an exciting opportunity to announce for AAUG members. In the second half of the meeting, we’ll have a quick iOS basics on AirDrop, do some Q&A, and have brief session of This Old Mac – so if you’ve got a vintage machine stuck away in a closet or in the garage, dig it out and bring it to the meeting to show off and talk about 30 years of Mac. See you all Wednesday!

iOS8 and iCloud Drive – a word of warning

With the upcoming release of iOS8, you will be asked if you’d like to upgrade your iCloud to a new iCloud Drive. Sounds great, right? One snag in the near term is that you’ll lose access from your Mac(s) to any files you’ve currently got in iCloud until you upgrade to OSX Yosemite in the near -but not present- future.

To quote TUAW: If you use iCloud: you need to be really, very, no-I-am-not-exaggerating, super careful when you upgrade to iOS 8. Otherwise you could break iCloud syncing to all of your Macs.  

While undoubtedly this will be fixed soon, in the near term, it could throw a wrench in your plans.  They’ll at least say we’ve been warned.

Read more here:  http://www.tuaw.com/2014/09/16/be-aware-be-careful-be-prepared-for-icloud-drive/

Macworld to shut down print publication

As was mentioned at the meeting on Wednesday, Macworld will be shutting down its print publications as of November 2014 and will go with purely online content.  One of the grand-daddies of the Mac publishing world, it was first published in 1984.

Accolades, articles, remembrances and anecdotes have poured in from across the web:

  • Chris Breen, whom you may recall spoke at the April 2014 AAUG meeting, wrote a loving letter of recommendation for many of his colleagues who were laid off following the announcement on Wednesday.
  • The Accidental Tech podcast offered a tribute on Wednesday.
  • The NYTimes offered just the facts.
  • 9to5mac had a few thoughts.
  • Jason Snell, former Macworld editor, offers his thoughts.

Here’s to you crazy kids at Macworld – our appreciation for your many years of service, humor, tips and news – from all of us at the Alaskan Apple Users Group.