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New from Lonely Planet Publishers…


Just Point is a great way to travel using a Visual Dictionary, yes, a way of showing a card to someone with an image on it of what you’re attempting to say or convey your meaning. I tried showing a lady from another country I couldn’t figure out how to ask about a barber shop, the card shows a razor, man with goatee, mustache, and she knew what i wanted. It covers Food and drink, transportation, and accommodations. There are 500 essential icons on 80 topics! great idea, this is the 1st edition, costs $11.99

50 Museums to Blow your Mind… Imagine 128 pages of collections of objects you always wondered about, where to find, organized by country and topic, from the Museum of Instruments that I loved in Phoenix, to Coffee Museum in Brazil to Museum of Alchemists & Magicians of Old Prague/ Czech Republic, so many collections, and finally a smaller sized reference book, with plenty of photos and witty text descriptions. $11.99


Lonely_Planet_s_Guide_to_Travel_Photography_-_5th_edition_LargeLonely Planet’s Guide to Travel Photography by Richard L’Anson ( $22.99) is the 5th edition of a well crafted book with so many good tips, practical exercises i loved doing, and learning from, and beautiful photographs by the writer. If you want to get more out of your trips, get this book! 270 new images, good section on image processing, digital techniques, go pro, cell phones, even drones are covered.

The World’s Best Street Food comes with a 100 interesting recipes, and how to make them, well illustrated, and easy to follow. Take Balik Ekmek from Turkey, it’s a fish sandwich, gives what you need and how to do it, and ways to improvise. worked great. $14.99


USA Travel Guide is so comprehensive, it’s my go to book for travel in the USA, 121USA_travel_guide_-_9th_edition_Large6 pages of photos, details, national parks, itineraries, it has it all. and you can buy in print, digital/eBook, chapters, or a bundle of eBook/print copy. I love the road trip guides, how it gives me a sense of what to expect or take along. This latest version was published in February 2016, so it’s up to date.

The_Best_Things_in_Life_are_Free_LargeThe Best Things in Life are Free, climate money-saving travel guide is a must have. Just out in this First edition/August 2016 ($22.99), it gives tips, tricks, suggestions on how to get the most for your money, covering parks, museums, even exercise classes ( free), food, and goes to over 60 cities around the globe. Take Austin, Texas, shows map, Live Music and where to find it ( I love going to Austin for it’s music, and the book really covers it well). sights like the Bat Exodus I saw last time there, yes, @ sunset an amazing site to see.. 304 pages.

Lonely Planet Magazine is my favorite travel magazine, just out is the Fall 2016 issue ( is published 4 times a year), big in size, fabulous photographs and articles on Cuba

Unknown, Best free things in Vegas, Spain, plus mini guides to Bermuda, Banff, Santa Barbara,, you get the idea, it’s written for all people, so I could find it most helpful. it’s only $8 a year or $10 for 2 years, 800-829-9121




Lonely Planet offers a great deal buying direct…  get 3 for the price of 2.  books, ebooks, chapters,  http://shop.lonelyplanet.com/special-offers

iPhone Missing Manual, 9th Edition by David Pogue


Book: iPhone, Missing Manual, 9th Edition, 656 Pages
Author: David Pogue
Web: DavidPogue
Price: $24.99  with lifetime free updates from O’Reilly!  or $17.99 on Amazon
moosePros: smart, witty, tells and explains why your iPhone is a great computer
Cons: none
Rating:  Moose…5/5 Excellent!

by Gary Miller, Alaskan Apple Users Group Member

Conflict of interest disclosure: O’Reilly  provided a free copy of iPhone Missing Manual, 9th Edition  for the purposes of the review.

When i pick up a book, I wonder if it’ll be good, really good, or boring, and since I’m writing a review, I hope it speaks to me in clear, language, not tech speak.  Well, David Pogue, and his staff, have another hit on their hands,  iPhone Missing Manual 9th Edition is at once a resource I use on my iPhone, my iPad, and Mac, it’s versatile as an eBook or in printed editions.  Well written, and very funny, not dry at all.  Get it!

The book is well organized, and taught me many tips, tricks, insights, and I’ve had every version of the iPhone since the beginning, yet, I’m thank goodness  not  too old to learn.   well done.

About This Book from the Publisher…
You don’t get a printed manual when you buy an iPhone. Online, you can find an electronic PDF manual that covers the basics well, but it’s largely free of details, hacks, workarounds, tutorials, humor, and any acknowledgment of the iPhone’s flaws. You can’t easily mark your place, underline, or read it in the bathroom.

The purpose of this book, then, is to serve as the manual that should have accompanied the iPhone. (If you have an original iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, or iPhone 4, you really need one of this book’s earlier editions. If you have an iPhone 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, or 6s Plus, this book assumes that you’ve installed iOS 9.

iPhone: The Missing Manual is divided into five parts, each containing several chapters:

Part 1: The iPhone as Phone, covers everything related to phone calls: dialing, answering, voice control, voicemail, conference calling, text messaging, iMessages, MMS, the Contacts (address book) program an more.

Part 2: Pix, Flix and Apps, is dedicated to the iPhone’s built-in software, with a special emphasis on its multimedia abilities: playing music, podcasts, movies, TV shows, and photos; capturing photos and videos; using the Maps app; reading ebooks; and so on.

Part 3: The iPhone Online, is a detailed exploration of the iPhone’s third talent: its ability to get you onto the Internet, either over a Wi?Fi hotspot connection or via the cellular network.

Part 4: Connections, describes the world beyond the iPhone itself— like the copy of iTunes on your Mac or PC that can fill up the iPhone with music, videos, and photos; and syncing the calendar, address book, and mail settings.

Part 5: Appendixes, contains two reference chapters. Appendix A walks you through the setup process; Appendix B is a master compendium of troubleshooting, maintenance, and battery information.

Snagit v4 for Mac review


Software: Snagit version 4
Developer: TechSmith
Web: TechSmith
Price: $49.95 with free trial software available!
moosePros: excellent resource for making video and screen capture plus so much more…
Cons: none
Rating:  Moose…5/5 Excellent!

by Gary Miller, Alaskan Apple Users Group Member

Conflict of interest disclosure: TechSmith provided a free copy of Snagit v4  for the purposes of the review.

You know when you have your ways of accomplishing a task, you get set in them, and then along comes a newer, better, easier way of doing it, and you smile…. TechSmith’s new version 4 of Snagit, is that golden egg.

Many of us use basic screen capture, you know, cmd-shift 3 or 4, but it’s only a start to making it really buzz like Snagit can and does like screen recording, making animated gif’s, panoramic screen capture that automatically stitches together…  So you see this is a premium product at a fair price.  I liked the ease of collaborating with others, since I could mark it up, put arrows, on either screen capture or video, and turn it around pronto.  I loved being able to scroll down a website that goes below my screen and capture what i wanted, can’t do that before, just be frustrated without Snagit.  Now we can!

Did I mention the tool bar and how easy it is to drag/drop tools you use the most, how easy it is to save to drop box or other cloud services.  The editing tools are easy to understand and grasp, and TechSmith has training videos for all the processes you’ll use, so you won’t forget a step or be inspired by a new way of doing work flow.  And to ease your sending images to Snagit, you can use Fuse, a free companion product for your iPhone or Android phone to import images you’ve taken on your phone.  Great tool I enjoy using.

I worked with their tech support ( you can too), and learned much.  Like recording a video, and trimming it, using it to send along with comments to someone you are working on a project with.   Get it, you’ll really like it and use it!

You can try out Snagit new version 4 for 15 days free too.  or buy it for $49.95.

Existing users of older Snagit will love the NEW features in V 4:

*new Editor
*new capture window
*new stamps and callouts
*video capture with Webcam
*animated GIF
*panoramic image capture

Mac OS X System Requirements
10.10 (Yosemite), or higher